Appointed Representative FAQs

What is an Appointed Representative in a legal sense?

An Appointed Representative is described in Section 39 of the Financial Services & Markets Act as a person who:

(a) is a party to a contract with an authorised person (the principal) which:

(i) permits or requires them to carry on business of a description prescribed in the AR regulations

(ii) complies with such requirements as are prescribed in those Regulations;


(b) is someone for whose activities, in carrying on the whole or part of that business, his principal has accepted responsibility in writing and who is, therefore, an exempt person in relation to any regulated activity comprised in the carrying on of that business for which his principal has accepted responsibility.

In this description, Gauntlet would be a ‘principal’ that an Appointed Representative can partner with, knowing we will accept responsibility for the monitoring and control of their activities, to ensure FCA compliance.

What is an Appointed Representative in practice?

Please visit our helpful article for more information.

What skills are required of an Appointed Representative?

We have answered this question for you here.

How will Gauntlet support my training?

Gauntlet will offer you regular training days that are tailored to suit your individual personal development requirements and also link you to a Willis Towers Watson Networks business development manager, who will work with you, developing your skill set.

We also offer training at our annual AR Conference, which is a mix of personal development, peer networking and fun and which encompasses our Gauntlet AR Awards, which drive professionalism and business development.

We will train you in compliance issues, so that you manage your documentation correctly and we will also be assisted with a business plan.  An induction to our Acturis IT system will also be provided and we may send out one of our broker trainers to your location, to assist you at your base.

However, being an AR is about self-learning too and stepping outside of your comfort zone, so that you can become a rounded individual in terms of your skill set. We expect ARs to undertake their own development, alongside the support we provide, just as any business owner would.

Can I train to become an Appointed Representative if I have no insurance experience?

No. We would only offer a place in the network to someone with insurance qualifications and experience.  If you wish to establish an insurance division within another business, such as an accountancy firm or solicitors’ practice or property management company, we would help you find a qualified insurance professional who could run your insurance arm.

What matters to your network?

The answer to this is to be found partly in the roles handled previously in the insurance world, which you can read about here.  However, it is also true to say that a good insurance Appointed Representative is:

  • someone who has the full support of their loved ones
  • someone who recognises that their income-earning potential needs to build over time and who has the patience and capacity to build a base from which a high earnings potential can be achieved
  • a realist, who is prepared to work hard
  • often goal-orientated and very self-motivated
  • often fiercely independent, with a dislike of big office insurance set-ups and office politics
  • typically, a deliverer of first-class customer service, who feels this is best found by working with an independent broker
  • an all-rounder, with skills other than just good sales patter
  • someone clients enjoy working with

What is the minimum I need to become an AR?

  • Ideally, a minimum of 4 years’ experience in a client-facing/managing position, usually as an account executive with an insurance broker
  • a good business plan/idea of the market you could serve and the demand for your services
  • good interpersonal skills
  • a commitment to professionalism
  • integrity
  • energy, drive, ambition and good health
  • a commitment to work with Gauntlet for a minimum of 12 months and then a 90-day notice period, if you wish to terminate our agreement
  • a computer, a good Internet connection and speed, the Microsoft Office software suite, a scanner, a fax facility and a telephone line
  • an office is not essential, but you would need a laptop, if working in different locations, and a VPN, to protect your internet security, if using public hotspots
  • a car and preferably a points-free driving licence

What is Acturis?

Acturis is Queen’s Award-winning software that is the platform of choice for insurance brokers, insurers and MGAs and something to which all Gauntlet Appointed Representatives have access.

Using Acturis, our ARs have:

  • a chance to enjoy significant revenue growth, through greater connectivity between all parts of their insurance sales acquisition process;
  • end-to-end client management capabilities, from prospecting through to quote, purchase, claims and accounting;
  • MI reports and comprehensive business performance dashboards;
  • streamlined approaches to the day-to-day operations of a brokerage;
  • access to the same software as nine of the top 10 commercial lines insurers.

Acturis provides a competitive advantage for our Appointed Representatives, if they make the most of its capabilities. Find out more at

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