How to be a Successful Appointed Representative

What ‘makes’ a successful Gauntlet Appointed Representative?

If we described our ARs in three words, those would be:

  • resourceful
  • super-ambitious
  • dedicated

Our ARs are typically top insurance salespeople but also independently minded individuals, able to marshal a great skill set. They are brokers completely dedicated to their clients and to top quality customer service and individuals who want to start an insurance brokerage of their own.

Our ARs value being part of a professional network and see reputation as key. They relish the mentoring and training that we and our Willis Towers Watson relationship provide, and the access to market and schemes that we can offer through our unique partnership agreement.

A successful Gauntlet appointed representative also recognises that we have seen what it takes to succeed and so listen to our advice. They also enjoy the peer support we facilitate and the opportunities to network with colleagues that come through our dynamic Annual Conferences.

We often talk about our Gauntlet AR Apple as being a good indicator of whether or not you are right for this career choice. Find that, and much more guidance, in our ‘Driving Towards Your D-Day’ booklet, available by emailing

What does success as an AR require?

Being an AR requires hard work. You are suddenly not just a broker but also a businessperson and have to put in the planning and hours that building any business requires. It will not just fall into your lap. You have to make it happen.

You will need drive, energy and vision to achieve your goals. The good news is that you will have our experienced team to guide you and help you overcome the obstacles along the way. You are never alone; always just a click or phone call away from support.

Why not take a look at some case studies of successful ARs and see if their stories resonate?

What are the benefits of becoming an AR?

The benefits of becoming an AR revolve around:

  • freedom to serve your client, your way
  • independence
  • an escape from office politics and employment uncertainty
  • being your own boss and making the key decisions
  • placing the risks you wish to work with
  • no commuting
  • building your business around your family
  • creating a legacy for your children
  • self-esteem

 The benefits of being an AR at Gauntlet are numerous.  Here are just 10:

  • Partnering with a network that drives your success for mutual benefit
  • Doing what you love – insurance sales – not compliance or administration
  • Getting started in an affordable way – not shelling out for administrators or IT systems
  • Deciding whether you want to be the broker of the risk or to leave it to Gauntlet
  • Having none of the worries about compliance on your plate and knowing Gauntlet has all the compliance boxes ticked
  • Incredible access to insurance markets and the opportunity to place large risks
  • Learning from Gauntlet’s knowledge
  • Accessing cutting-edge Acturis IT systems
  • Keeping control of your client
  • Kudos – what beats having your own name above the door?

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