The Gauntlet Appointed Representative Opportunity in More Depth

Why Become a Super-charged Gauntlet Local Broker?

Summary of the General Benefits Enjoyed by new and switching Gauntlet ARs:

  • Being part of something – a powerful local broker renaissance
  • Generous commission on business transacted
  • Opportunity to grow, tapping into superb access to 210 respected insurers and facilities
  • Access to the benefits of Gauntlet’s Willis Towers Watson Networks partnering
  • Award-winning IT at your fingertips, through our Acturis systems
  • Training at your fingertips via the Gauntlet Learning Development Academy
  • Unique level of broker support from Willis Towers Watson Networks’ portal and business mentors
  • Opportunity to place small, medium and large and sizeable commercial risks – the latter carrying commission levels that build income fast
  • State-of-the-art, award-winning Acturis IT allowing you to maximise sales 24/7, from any location
  • Online quote and buy facility, powered by Acturis
  • Expert broking, for both new business and renewals
  • Ability to broke your own risks, if you wish
  • The peace of mind of robust compliance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Administration, client money handling, accounting and a premium collection service for settlement to insurers
  • Peer support from members of a vibrant Gauntlet AR network
  • Annual Appointed Representative conference and mid-term Springboards
  • Freedom to brand as you wish – as Gauntlet or a name of your choice
  • Personal lines, as well as commercial broking support
  • Personalised website build
  • Opportunity to discuss selling your brokerage, when the time comes

Are you ready to take the next step towards broking independence and growth?  Are you ready to stand up and be a local broker, serving clients better?  Fill in our enquiry form or apply today.

Broking Benefits for Gauntlet ARs

Gauntlet offers unparalleled access to market, helping its local brokers place risks that other networks cannot, leveraging our superb buying power to boost their earnings and provide national reach.

You will get impressive access to A-rated insurers, schemes you have perhaps never tapped into and even opportunities to suggest and develop a scheme, if a risk warrants it.

The quotes we provide should help you convert top-level and large-scale enquiries, as well as smaller and medium-sized ones, helping you to build your insurance book of business quickly.

Gauntlet’s internal broking team helps you keep your growth trajectory steep, having a wealth of experience in its locker. The team is adept at placing complex risks, including those for multi-national and global programmes.  They are passionate about helping local brokers grow.  Are you ready to let them help you to do that?

Size of Risk Gauntlet ARs can place

Gauntlet can help its local brokers to place risks of any size, across a range of sectors, including but not limited to:

  • £1m Motor Fleets
  • £1m Motor Trade
  • £1m Construction Projects
  • £500k Professional Indemnity
  • £500k Property Owners
  • £500k Manufacturing
  • £250k Right of Light

If you are tired of being restrained in the risks you are able to place with your current network, maybe it’s time to switch Appointed Representative network and be part of our local broker renaissance?  Email to find out more.

Willis Towers Watson Networks – Complex Risk Broking Advantage

As a Willis Towers Watson Networks Member, we can deliver the benefits of international buying power to our independent local brokers. This powerful relationship gives us extreme confidence in saying that we can place even the most complex risks for your ambitious AR business.

Insurers trust and want to work with us, because of our reputation. You can tap into that, as you build your book and accumulate your fee income. It is the groundwork beneath a pathway of success, which your own hard work and conversion of sales leads can build.  Of course, as a Gauntlet local broker, you’ll get help in generating leads.

If you have the ambition to place big risks, but are worried about being restricted as a local broker, or currently unable to do so in your directly authorised broking business, we should be your network of choice and saying ‘yes’ to our AR opportunity should be relatively easy.  Email to discuss your potential risks and assess our network’s ability to place them.

Systems Support: Acturis

Gauntlet Enterprise’s Appointed Representatives (ARs) have the Queen’s Award-winning Acturis software at their fingertips. This is the platform of choice for brokers, insurers and MGAs for good reason and it enables our  local broker ARs to have:

  • national reach
  • the opportunity to enjoy significant revenue growth, through greater connectivity between all parts of their sales acquisition process;
  • end-to-end client management capabilities, from prospecting through to quote, purchase, claims and accounting;
  • e-traded products for packaged policies, including property owners, tradesman and mini-fleet;
  • new game-changing mobile App;
  • new quote-and-buy facility for their local broker websites;
  • MI reports and comprehensive business performance dashboards, plus income and aged debt reports;
  • task and diary management;
  • renewals lists and ease of renewals scheduling;
  • documents, presentations and invoices all branded as their Appointed Representative company;
  • streamlined approaches to the day-to-day operations of a brokerage;
  • access to the same software as nine of the top 10 commercial lines insurers.

Market Access and Training Support: Willis Towers Watson Networks

As part of the global insurance group, Willis Towers Watson, members of Willis Towers Watson Networks, such as Gauntlet, gain competitive advantage when it comes to access to market. By being part of our passionate local broker network, Appointed Representatives (ARs), whether start-up brokers, switching brokers or de-authorising brokers, can also derive the benefits that we enjoy.

This is not just about placing the largest or most complex or niche risks but also about having access to broking support, direct contact with insurers and providers of niche schemes and the support of facilities such as WTWN’s ‘Tech Clinic’, which can advise on insurer policy wordings and help avoid any pitfalls.

Being a WTWN member also enables Gauntlet to offer its network of local broker ARs a fantastic level of mentoring and training support. Our dynamic training facility enriches our brokers’ talents, delivering everything from 15-minute bite-sized webinars to full-day face-to-face training modules.

Training is focused on both traditional and digital skills and personalised to your individual needs and requirements as an AR.

All of this is at your disposal, when you become a Gauntlet Appointed Representative and part of our local broker renaissance.

Onboarding Support: Mentoring

When you join or switch to the Gauntlet Appointed Representative network, you are matched to a broker manager, who will be with you on every step of your local or specialist broker journey. This is not just your point of contact for your broking requests but also for your growth and they will provide mentoring and moral support, as you build your business as one of our passionate local brokers.

As your own ally in your business growth story, they will spot where you could make changes to what you are doing, offer advice as to what might work for you, share with you what has worked for other ARs in their local or niche areas and help you negotiate any hurdles that come along.

In addition to all of this, you can also have the mentoring support of a Willis Towers Watson Networks business manager, who will assist you with other business and marketing advice.

What are you waiting for?  This is support second-to-none, so if you have the ethos that backs local broker service delivery, why not seize the day and act now?

Insurance Sales Support for Professional Services Firms and Other Businesses

Professional service firms such as:

  • solicitors
  • accountants
  • property managers and managing agents

often have significant cross-selling opportunities within their client base and serve clients who require top-quality insurance products and informed insurance advice. Were they able to provide such insurance products to their clients, they would have a valuable new income stream, delivered through commission on any insurance sales made to their legal, accounting and property-owning clientele.

The good news is that Gauntlet can make it easy for firms such as solicitors, accountants and property managers, but not exclusively these types of business, to sell insurance to their existing client-base. This is done through the employment of an insurance sales manager within the professional services (or other services or product-based business).  Basically, you onboard a qualified insurance professional, who becomes part of our local broker network and gains access to all of its benefits, including superb insurance buying power and compliance.

Whilst a firm which wishes to sell insurance to its clients could seek to make such an employee directly authorised by the FCA, this would take 6-9 months and a significant amount of money. As a new venture, that’s a risk and, even then, into which insurance markets could such an individual tap? The answer to this dilemma is for that employee to become an appointed representative of Gauntlet, thus enabling access to our vast insurer contacts and systems, which could source insurance products whatever the sector or niche.

Rather than the professional services firm having to give their insurance sales specialist administrative back-up, IT, training and means to handle client monies, not to mention broking facilities, we provide it all. Most importantly, we keep your insurance ‘division’ compliant, following all FCA guidelines. You gain the capacity to sell insurance to your clients and we gain a new partner, whose success we can support and drive.  You get every advantage accruing from our superb commitment to local and specialist brokers.

To find out more about adding an insurance income stream to your legal or accountancy practice or property management business, or to discuss how insurance could be an add-on sale for another type of enterprise that you run, please contact us via

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