Time to Drop the Lemon Tart?

Over the past few months, we’ve been explaining the model that Gauntlet Group has pioneered – and which other networks have sought to copy – Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-track (GDF).  But now, we want to explain it in a different way, as it’s occurred to us that it’s pretty much like looking at a deconstructed dish […]

Gauntlet’s 2021 Appointed Representative Conference

Our 2021 Gauntlet Appointed Representative Conference took place in glorious sunshine in Harrogate, where we commandeered several rooms at the Old Swan Hotel – the venue in which Agatha Christie holed up, during her mysterious ‘disappearance’. The suspense as to who had won our 2021 AR Awards remained until dinner and we shall leave the […]

Do New Insurance Firms Require Olympian Effort?

Starting your own insurance firm requires an Olympian effort doesn’t it?  You might think so, as everyone – including ourselves at Gauntlet Enterprise and Gauntlet Group – know that starting a new business, and becoming a new start-up insurance broker, takes a lot of resource and effort. In the insurance sector, with regulation as it […]

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