Additional Income For Accountants

As Accountants to a wide range of individuals and businesses you have a unique opportunity to extend your service offering to include the fulfilment of their insurance needs.

Accountants looking for another income stream should maybe turn to insurance and recognise that many clients welcome keeping their affairs in trusted hands, under one roof.  Clients can become even more loyal, if the quotes they receive for their various covers provide savings, or if their cover is much more robust.  That’s the benefit of added value.

Starting to sell your clients insurance is relatively easy.  Just employ an insurance salesperson and let Gauntlet do the rest!

The process is as follows:

  • Your accountancy practice employs a talented insurance salesperson.
  • Gauntlet takes any compliance off their hands, in its role as a long-established Appointed Representative ‘principal’.  You sell insurance under our FCA permissions.
  • Your accountancy practice’s insurance employee is supported by our Gauntlet team – in administration, claims processing, IT and even broking of risks, if they want that help.
  • Your employee can just find the leads – which should be on your books already!
  • Your accountancy clients may well get better quotes and levels of protection than at present, due to Gauntlet’s access to a large number of insurance policies and schemes, from a significant number of insurers.
  • Your accountancy practice will benefit from Gauntlet’s solid relationships with insurers and the ability to access very niche insurance covers.  You will look like the ‘good guys’!

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