Additional Income For Solicitors

Over the last couple of years we have been working closely with firms of Solicitors to help them extend their services by including an option to fulfil their client’s insurance needs.

Which client really wants to go elsewhere for their insurance, if they can buy from someone they already trust?  What could be a better solution than a solicitor providing access to legally required insurance liability covers, or to D&O protection, or cyber insurance policies?

All you need to do, is recruit an insurance specialist and let Gauntlet organise the FCA permissions and compliance. It works like this:

  • You employ a talented insurance salesperson
  • Gauntlet takes any compliance off their hands, in its role as a long-established Appointed Representative ‘principal’. You sell insurance under our FCA permissions.
  • Your practice’s insurance employee is supported by our Gauntlet team – in administration, claims processing, IT and even broking of risks, if they want that help. Your employee can just find the leads – which should be on your books already!
  • Your legal clients may well get better quotes and levels of protection than at present, due to Gauntlet’s access to a large number of insurance policies and schemes, from a significant number of insurers.
  • Your legal practice will benefit from Gauntlet’s solid relationships with insurers and the ability to access very niche insurance covers. You will look like the ‘good guys’!

Take this step towards solicitor practice growth and client retention today and fill in our enquiry form, or call Nigel Law on either 07774 690436 or 0113 244 8686, or email

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